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Can I have white fillings?

Most teeth can have white fillings placed. There are two types, composite resin and porcelain. Composite fillings tend to be used in the front teeth and for smaller cavities in the back teeth. Porcelain can be used to crown and veneer suitable teeth.

Your dentist will advise you as to which is the best option for you.

Are amalgam fillings safe?

Millions of people have amalgam fillings. Although some concern in the past has been raised over the mercury in amalgam, and the issue has been studied extensively, researchers have not found evidence of significant health problems related to the use of amalgam in fillings.

Hygienist Visits

Do I need to see the Hygienist?

At W.S.Inness & Associates we believe that it is important to maintain a healthy mouth; this includes teeth, gums and the surrounding soft tissues. 54% of all adults have gum disease around at least one tooth*, however by seeing our Hygienist regularly and achieving a healthy mouth your chances of developing such problems will be significantly reduced, thus minimising the risks of tooth loss * Adult Dental Health Survey 1998.

How much is it to see the Hygienist?

To see our Hygienist Donna Dooley, a 20 minute appointment costs £42.00 from January 2016.

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